Our Company

Geometric Progress LLC is a small business that provides expertise in application software design, analysis, and development from mobile to cloud. Geometric Progress was launched on September 27, 2016 to provide nimble and cost-effective solutions for difficult systems application problems. The founding Director, Gregory Peele Jr., brings over a decade of experience in large-scale geospatial modeling and simulation development, available to your project at competitive rates. Our specialties include high-performance native code development, geospatial algorithms for synthetic environments, parallel and distributed computing for mobile, desktop, and cloud solutions, and optimized data format design.

How May We Help You?

Whether we can bring your software development project to life or analyze and tune the performance of your hardware system, we are here to help!

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Sofware Development

  • Native Code Development
  • AI/ML Feature Extraction Capabilities
  • System Integration
  • Mobile Development
  • Trade Studies and Technology Advice
  • Independent Audit and Reverse Engineering
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    Hardware Consulting

  • Application Hardware Analysis
  • Performance Tuning
  • Trade Studies and Hardware Comparison
  • Areas of Expertise

    Computational Geometry 

    • Large-scale Mesh Generation and Reasoning 
    • Image Acquisition and Analysis 
    • Kinematics & EM Propagation Simulation 

    Geospatial Standards 

    • OGC Associate member and OGC CDB SWG Voting Member
    • US Army STE One World Terrain Data Model Developer 
    • Building Interiors & Civil Infrastructure Data Models 

    High Performance Computing 

    • Native multi-threaded C++ code development 
    • GPU-based algorithms with CUDA 
    • Network Distribution and Data Compression 

    Automated Feature Extraction and Georegistration 

    • AI/ML Pipeline using YOLO to detect Civil Infrastructure features 
    • Feature annotating, training, detection and georegistration

    3D Digital Twins 

    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & 3D Model Development 
    • Unity and Unreal Game Engines 
    • 3D terrain compression & GLES Mobile Device Rendering 

    GUI Design and Development 

    • NAS/GGDM Data Model editor – Manage Digital Twin application schemas 
    • LTF Feature Extractor – Image Detection Training and Extraction
    • Cross-platform Qt GUI design and development 

    Realtime Sensor and Animation Development

    • Bluetooth Low Energy Device Applications
    • Network Simulation Protocols (DIS, HLA)
    • USB and Serial Device Applications
    • Web APIs (REST)

    About Us

    Geometric Progress LLC was founded on September 27, 2016 by the current Director, Gregory Peele Jr, as a small-business limited-liability company registered to do business in Brevard County in the State of Florida. Mr. Peele brings with him over a decade of expertise in software design, software development, technical marketing, and project management in the defense industry. He started the company to provide more flexibility for himself and value for his clients, particularly when providing subject matter expertise on topics including synthetic environments, geospatial information systems, geometric algorithms, databases, and parallel/distributed processing.